Board and Staff

Board of Trustees

Yvonne Marcuse, Chair
Mark M. Larsen, Treasurer
Deborah Lunder, Secretary

Paul H. Allen
Carol Anderson
Elizabeth B. Beers
Derek Bermel
Kathleen Biggins
Nora Duffy Decker
John Ellis
Michael Gehret
Julian Grant
Debora Haines
Cynthia Hillas
Anna Horner
B. Sue Howard
Richard J. Levine
Kris Muse
Jacqueline O. Phares
Deborah Prentice
Robert N. Ridolfi
Matthew R. Shaftel
Ruta K. Smithson
Pete Taft
David A. Tierno, Chair Emeritus
Anne VanLent
Stephanie Wedeking

Robert L. Annis
Melanie Clarke
Stephen Paneyko
Anne Reeves
Caren Sturges, Chair Emerita
Jay Vawter
Nina Wainwright

Trustees Emeriti
Georg Albers-Schonberg
Judith Ogden Thomson
George Vaughn

Administrative and Production Staff
Executive Director, Marc Uys
Director of Development, Suzanne Wray
Manager of Artistic Operations, Katherine Curatolo
Manager of Marketing and Communications, Carolyn Dwyer
Manager of Patron Services, Kitanya (Murray) Khateri
Manager of Donor Relations and Special Events, Audrey Yeager
Personnel Manager, Michael Volpert
Assistant Personnel Manager, Jerry Bryant
Librarians, Mary Schmidt and Elizabeth Thompson
Production Assistant, Daniel Hudson

Graphic Design, Isabella Palowitch/ARTISA LLC
Graphic Designer, Anne Fahey
Printing, Bob Copeland/Mastergraphx
Bookkeeping, Kelly Paul and Kathleen Camisa
Accounting Services, WithumSmith+Brown