Endowment Campaign

The Melanie Clarke Fund

PSO Board President David Tierno recently announced the establishment of The Melanie Clarke Fund, created in grateful appreciation for Executive Director Melanie Clarke’s 25 years of outstanding service to the orchestra. This fund will become part of PSO’s endowment, earmarked to support innovation and excellence, hallmarks of Melanie’s leadership at the PSO.

If you’d like further information, please call the office (609) 497-0020. If you’d like to make a donation, please mark the appropriate designation on the online giving form.


The PSO is planning a capital campaign with the goal of raising the endowment from its current level of $2 million to at least $5 million. A successful endowment campaign will provide the financial resources the PSO requires to deliver its mission. Suitable capitalization of the PSO will allow the orchestra to:

• Pursue artistic growth and creativity while maintaining long-term fiscal stability
• Expand and diversify our audience through creative programming and new initiatives, and by building and/or strengthening partnerships with appropriate community organizations
• Work in a more efficient and sustainable way, retaining a skilled and adequately-sized administrative staff and establishing the infrastructure necessary for the PSO’s dynamic organization

The endowment campaign is critically important in enabling the PSO to achieve the highest level of musical excellence and community service. 
Please call PSO Executive Director Marc Uys at (609) 497-0020 to discuss your gift toward the endowment. Thank you for your support!